Decoding sig packet data

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Feb 9 10:25:39 CET 2009

On Mon,  9 Feb 2009 00:28, nicholas.cole at said:
> Does anyone have any advice about decoding the 'octets' in the last
> field of the spk lines of the --with-colons output.  The notation
> appears non-standard.  The only python library, for example, that I
> can see that deals with 'percent encoded' octets is the urllib
> library, but that library's 'decode' function outputs gibberish.

>From doc/DETAILS:

The "spk" signature subpacket records have the fields:

 2: Subpacket number as per RFC-4880 and later.
 3: Flags in hex.  Currently the only two bits assigned are 1, to
    indicate that the subpacket came from the hashed part of the
    signature, and 2, to indicate the subpacket was marked critical.
 4: Length of the subpacket.  Note that this is the length of the
    subpacket, and not the length of field 5 below.  Due to the need
    for %-encoding, the length of field 5 may be up to 3x this value.
 5: The subpacket data.  Printable ASCII is shown as ASCII, but other
    values are rendered as %XX where XX is the hex value for the byte.

The content of field 5 is the raw subpacket data.



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