Problem with key directory on Linux "vfat"

Ulrich Windl ulrich.windl at
Fri Jan 9 14:10:53 CET 2009


I just found this problem in openSUSE 11.0: When the GnuPG key directory is on a 
fvat filesystem (e.g. a memory stick), there are some warnings (German locale) in 

gpg: WARNUNG: Unsicheres Besitzverhältnis des Home-Verzeichnis `.gnupg'
gpg: lock not made: link() failed: Die Operation ist nicht erlaubt
gpg: can't lock `.gnupg/pubring.gpg'
gpg: DBG: oops, `.gnupg/pubring.gpg.lock' is not locked
gpg: Schlüsselblockhilfsmittel`.gnupg/pubring.gpg': Allgemeiner Fehler
gpg: Unterschrift vom Do 08 Jan 2009 18:23:55 CET mittels RSA-Schlüssel ID 

So it seems GnuPG does locking by linking. AFAIK links are not available on vfat 
filesystems. I don't know a good solution, but I thought I'd let you know.

Maybe open(..., O_CREAT|O_EXCL|...) could be used for an atomic (from the local 
OS) lock. Maybe simple advisory locks would also do. I don't know.


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