Errors compiling 1.4 Branch on Cygwin

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jun 10 11:18:13 CEST 2009

On Tue,  9 Jun 2009 22:56, jmoore3rd at said:

> Unless I'm sadly mistaken, those svn version numbers are not 1.4.x
> Branch, but rather 2.x Trunk versions.  IIRC the last svn Branch release
> was 5037.

That doesn't matter.  The revision number is global for the entire
repository.  You need to specify the branch (URL) of what you want to
extract.  In fact SVN has no real branches but is a filesystem; branches
are just a convention.  For example you could do a "svn co
svn://" and it will checkout the entire repository
with all branches.  You can see this with the ls command:

  $ svn ls  svn://

With option -R it would show you all files like ls(1) does.



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