gpgme usage

Oguz Yarimtepe comp.ogz at
Wed Mar 4 16:39:59 CET 2009


I was trying to use the gpgme. I checked the tests directory and decided
to play with the t-decrypt.c. I changed it a little so as to use my own
keys at my system[1]. I also changed "t-support.h" so as to use my

I compiled as

$ gcc mytest-decrypt.c `gpgme-config --libs` -o myencrypt

and run as

$ ./myencrypt 

Here is what i got:

Oguz Yarimtepe comp.ogz at Oguz Yarimtepe <comp.ogz at>
t-support.h:56: Unspecified source: Invalid argument

When i comment the print_data (out); line at the mytest-decrypt.c, it
works, of course without no output. I  am trying to decrypt the
cipher-1.asc.gpg file which is encrypted by using gpg command with the
key at my system. 


It seems i am doing something wrong or misunderstood the basics. Can you
guide me please?

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