un-trusting MD5 in gpg

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu May 7 10:57:32 CEST 2009

On Thu,  7 May 2009 00:04, dshaw at jabberwocky.com said:

> Blacklist is pretty good.  We could call it "blacklist-digests" (which
> gives us a name for "blacklist-ciphers" later).  It's reasonably clear
> just from the name.

I agree.  That term is different from disabled and may be used with
different semantics in other tools.

I would prefer

  --blacklist-digest-algo NAME_or_NUMBER

The reason is that we do not need a specific order as with
personal-digest-preferences.  It makes implementation (cf. gpgconf)
easier and better matches other options related to algorithms.



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