Feature Request: Parseable output if gpg waits for lock

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at mozilla-enigmail.org
Mon May 11 10:23:40 CEST 2009

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Fri,  8 May 2009 17:01, patrick at mozilla-enigmail.org said:
>> Would it be possible to add a status message, such as
> In theory yes, but I don't like it.
> gpg2 already uses a better algorithm to detected stalled processes
> holding a lock.  For gpg1 I implemented that algorithm a few days ago.
> I believe that this will solve the problem.
> The original problem was that gpg did not remove the lock file even it
> the process claiming to hold the process already died - It could be
> mounted on NFS and thus gpg had no chance to reliable detect a stalled
> process.  The fix implemented stores the node name in the lockfile

Even better, then I won't need to worry anymore :-)


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