Compile i386 / x86_64 on Mac 10.6

Jonas Schnelli jonas.schnelli at
Wed Sep 2 14:07:56 CEST 2009

> 2009/9/2 Jonas Schnelli <jonas.schnelli at>:
>> is there a chance to build a multiple archs?
>> anyone tried this?
> Which version are you compiling?  I can send you full instructions but
> you may just be better off downloading a precompiled version from
> either or

I try to compile the 1.4.9 for Mac OS 10.6 32/64 bit fat.
So theres no precompiled version for that.
The reason while im doing this is because GPGMail (GPG Extension for  
Mac builtin Mail App) is running now in 64bit mode. So all  
dependencies must also run 64bit.
Because Mac Mail runs in 32/64 fat mode, i would also like to build  
gpg in 32/64 mode.

if there is any who did manage to build 32/64 bit fat, i could use  
some help.
if not, i will try to release a 32 and a 64 bit version.

> Ben

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