strange behavior/maybe a critical bug?

wittau at wittau at
Mon Sep 7 15:53:06 CEST 2009

Hello everyone,

I´m not a developer but I encountered a strange behavior regarding gpg
encrypted messages. Maybe I discovered a critical bug, maybe I´m
absolutely wrong. I try to be as precise as possible.

The situation was an Enigmail installation at a USB-Stick for Windows,
with encrypted mails. We tried to find a possibility for decrypting some
.pdf files at MacOS 9 from this USB-Stick. So we searched about the right
mails in the text-files, and copied the encrypted code to a text file. At
BBEdit I added the lines "----- begin pgp message -----" and "------ end
pgpg message -----" to the encrypted text.

Than I installed PGP 6.0 at my Mac G3 and imported the private key. After
importing, I went to PGP-Tools and "decrypt/veryfy" and selected the
textfile for decryption.

PGP 6 produces an error and tells me:
 "the file "xy" could not be decrypted/verified because an error occured:
ascii armor input incomplete."

BUT - PGP produces an file at my desktop! After renaming this file "xy" to
"xy.pdf" I can read the pdf without any password!

That behavior is reproduceable!
It´s possible to read every encrypted attachements from enigmail without
the need of an password, ...

Any ideas?

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