GnuPG Port for Symbian

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Hi Niels,

Am Montag, 25. August 2008 12:00:53 schrieb Niels Dettenbach:
> im still wondering if the is no GnuPG port today for Symbian OS wich is
> widely spread on mobile phones worldwide - even as GnuPG still seems to be
> ported for a lot of difference operating systems.
> The last posting / thread  I've found about this issue was in 2000:
> Since Symbian published their developement kit (for windows and linux
> afaik) plus more and more API docs, the phones got more memory and cpu
> power - i assume GnuPG porting to it should be a much easier task then a
> few years ago.

yes, I think you are correct. There is even a POSIX layer, which should really 
work since S60 rev 3 FP2 or so:

> Even Perl and Python got a OS port on Symbian. The Python port still has
> wide access to all phone and GUI functions of the phones (may be could be
> used for GnuPG GUI interoperability) - or see asex. the mobile webserver
> project.
> Many users today are using their phones for email communication and the
> storage of (may be) sensible files on their phones - and many users (if
> they knwo it or not) are using Symbian based phones. With the USB storage
> capability the phone could be used as a "secure" smart crypt or signing
> device over USB storage with not trusted PCs o.o. hardware too.

I agree it would be cool to have a GnuPG port to Symbian,
especially now that Symbian is going to released as Free Software
over time. (Nokia that owns Symbian started with one crypto component as far 
as I know.)

> The only (commercial) "email crypto" software product i've found
> was "CryptoGraf" wich seems not working properly and is no OS product (so
> not trustful for me and most other GPG users).
> Is there anyone who is currently working on a GnuPG port for Symbian OS or
> knows a working port?

I am not aware of anyone currently working on such a port (after asking Werner 
the same question).

So it is matter wit many products that are needed:
Do it yourself or find someone to do it for you.  ;)


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