PATCH 1/4: documentation/RFC cleanups

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at
Sun Aug 15 14:47:48 CEST 2010


Attached is a patch, which would do about the following:

- In all comments and documentation, try to apply the following schemas:
  RFCs are written as "RFC XXXX", currently we have things like rfcxxxx,
rfc-xxxx, rfc xxxx etc.
  PGP is written as "PGP [optionally a version], currently we have a mix
of pgp, PGP, pgp2, and similar
  (I tried to not accidentally change any code parts like options (--pgp2,
--rfc2400) or constants or that like.

I generally did not touch and localised stuff.

The following changes were not applied to Changelogs or NEWS (the above
schema changes however were):
- RFC 822 is obsolete and superseeded by RFC 5322
- In some places, replaced the rfc2440bis* or similar, by RFC 4880
- Replaces some minor typos or errors like there was once RFC 1990 instead
of 1991.
- Removed documentation which does not longer apply obviously (e.g. the
annotated rfc2440.txt seems to be gone)
- When RFC 1991 or RFC 2440 did not specifically mean those versions (e.g.
an outdated feature or so), I've replaced it with RFC 4880.
  If a section was given, I've applied that to the according section in
- At some places (where I found it) changed the section style to what is
used in the RFC itself (i.e. "x.x.x." instead of "x.x.x").

Cherry-pick what you like, and _please_ double-check everything!!! ;)

Ah.. the patch is for 1.4.10.... I guess it's not easily possibly to adapt
that to 2.x? If you'd like I could do the same work for 2.x

One more thing: on you have EGD included...
a) 0.8 seems to be outdated, there's a 0.9 available.
b) Somewhere you like to the old upstream site, which has been moved now
Could you adapt that please?

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