gpgme_get_key in external mode

Sebastian Hübner huebners at
Wed Aug 25 18:28:05 CEST 2010


I am using gpgme_get_key and gpgme_op_import_keys to import a certain
key from a keyserver. (Version GPGME 1.2)

Sometimes it works, but often gpgme_get_key returns with GPG_ERR_EOF.
Every time I run "gpg --recv" from a terminal it works without any problem.

I use the following keyserver:

Sometimes it takes a while to import a key. Thus I tried
to ensure that the "get_key"-function has finished using gpgme_wait, but
it doesn't work out. I still got the same problem.

Is there something I can do about that?

Thanks in advance,
Sebastian Hübner

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