About a project to make gnupg2 ISO/IEC 19790 compliant

keisuke.inoue at mizuho-ir.co.jp keisuke.inoue at mizuho-ir.co.jp
Thu Jan 28 05:00:20 CET 2010

  Dear GnuPG developers
 My name is Keisuke Inoue, a member of Mizuho Information & Research 
Institute, Inc. It is a company in Japan.

 I am a software engineer, and now I and my co-workers are engaging
a project, to develop a software based on GnuPG2 (version 2.0.12), and
obtain the JCMVP certification. JCMVP stands for "Japan Cryptographic 
Module Validation Program", and it certifies that the program is
compliant with ISO/IEC 19790. We hope our product will be merged into
the original GnuPG2, to make it a program that can be used widely,
including governmental organizations. 

  For that purpose, we are adding implementation of the following

 - RSAES-OAEP (PKCS#1 v2.1)
 - RSASSA-PSS (PKCS#1 v2.1)
 - Hash_DRBG (NIST SP800-90)

  Mr. Naritoshi Yoshinaga, the manager of our project, has contacted 
Mr. Koch when we started this project and got a positive
reply. In the near future we will release our project product, so I post
this mail to get feedbacks from mailing list members too.

  I will report about our project again, by posting mails to this
mailing list.


Keisuke Inoue

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