About a project to make gnupg2 ISO/IEC 19790 compliant

keisuke.inoue at mizuho-ir.co.jp keisuke.inoue at mizuho-ir.co.jp
Fri Jan 29 02:38:30 CET 2010

  Dear Simon

Simon Josefsson <simon at josefsson.org> wrote on 2010/01/28 22:06:18:

> keisuke.inoue at mizuho-ir.co.jp writes:
> >  - RSAES-OAEP (PKCS#1 v2.1)
> >  - RSASSA-PSS (PKCS#1 v2.1)
> Are you implementing this in GnuPG or libgcrypt?  It would be useful to
> have this in libgcrypt, to be able to use it for X.509 and TLS in
> GnuTLS.

  Hello. Thank you for your interest in our project.

  We implemented these functions in GnuPG, because in original
gnupg 2.0.12, EMSA-PKCS-v1_5 encoding was implemented in gnupg
( do_encode_md() in g10/seskey.c ), not libgcrypt. 

  Maybe it was possible to move EMSA-PKCS-v1_5 encoding 
implementation into libgcrypt, add EMSA-PSS-Encode, EME-OAEP-Encode
into libgcrypt, but we didn't chose that strategy. The reason
is that if we choose that strategy, we would have to modify
so many files, and it will be difficult to merge our modifications
into original gnupg 2.0.x.


Keisuke Inoue

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