Introduction from Marco

Marco A.G.Pinto marcoagpinto at
Thu Jul 1 02:06:12 CEST 2010


I am Marco from Portugal.

I am 36 years old and I am a computer science expert (I know a few things.. 
lol... no one can be a very good expert in such a broad subject).

I would like to offer my help in translating to Portuguese.

I have been involved on several projects in the past:
- PGP 2.6.3.i
- Alex Chiu's site and documentation of what he sells
- EasyDivX
- DVD2one
- User guide of "EMM-Event UFO Detector"
- DALnet

For around 10 years that I haven't used cryptography but as soon as my 
vacation begins (17/JUL/2010) I will have time for the task.

Please tell me who I should contact. I already tried a couple of email 
addresses I found in the official site but no reply.

PS->This email was sent both to the developers and translation mailing 

Kind regards,
     >Marco A.G.Pinto

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