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Am Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010 15:48:51 schrieb Sebastian Hübner:
> I am using the GPGME library for signing files with GnuPG.
> Basically everthing works fine.
> But I have the following question:
> When I run my application for the first time I have to enter the
> passphrase for the private key.
> When I run the application again I don't have to enter the passphrase
> anymore
> even if I've cleared the context (gpgme_signers_clear(ctx)) before
> signing the file.

gpgme calls its engines for operation, e.g. gpg2 or gpgsm.
They will ask gpg-agent for secret key operations and gpg-agent 
can cache secret keys. This is configurable.

> I'd like to enter the passphrase every time I run the application.
> How can I achive that?

Restart or use a different gpg-agent each run or
change the gpg-agent configuration to not cache passwords.
(Check gpg-agent documentation for the options.)

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