Terminating and reactivating an OpenPGPCard and/or CryptoStick

Peter Koch pk at opensc-project.org
Fri Jul 30 18:18:28 CEST 2010

Hi Werner!

Since your OpenPGP card has a live cycle status indicator 05 I was
wondering why both my CryptoStick an my OpenPGP card has 00.

The reason is simple. My ATR is


hence I believed that my historical bytes were 00:31:c5:73:c0:01:40:00:90:00

But Data Object 5F52 contains a copy of the historical bytes and this
copy is 00:31:c5:73:c0:01:40:   05   :90:00

So Achim Pietig might add a short note to the documentation that
the live cycle status indicator is contained in DO 5F52 only.


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