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Wed Jun 30 07:57:04 CEST 2010


I found this quite old mail:

Ben Kibbey <bjk at> writes:

> Any plans on including something equivalent any time soon? Or maybe
> something like assuan_init_socket_server_ext() only for a client that
> has already done the connect()?

The current libassuan from SVN has an undocumented feature to connect to
a TCP socket:

  assuan_socket_connect (assuan_context_t ctx, const char *name,
                         pid_t server_pid, unsigned int flags)
  /* Make a connection to the Unix domain socket NAME and return a new
     Assuan context in CTX.  SERVER_PID is currently not used but may
     become handy in the future.  Defined flag bits are:
          sendmsg and recvmsg are used.
     NAME must either start with a slash and optional with a drive
     prefix ("c:") or use one of these URL schemata:
          This is the same as the default just with an explicit schemata.
          Connect using TCP to PORT of the server with the numerical
          IPADDR.  Not that the '[' and ']' are literal characters.

This is likey to stay and will eventually be documented.  feel free to
play with it.  For the server part no specific support is required, you
do this all outside of assuan.  



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