GnuPG has now full ECC support (ECDSA, ECDH)

Andrey Jivsov openpgp at
Sun Sep 19 09:30:52 CEST 2010

  Hello GnuPG!

I am happy to announce that GnuPG now fully implements ECC encryption 
and signing capability. A user can generate an ECC key with gpg2 
--gen-key and use it to encrypt or sign messages or keys. 256, 384, and 
521 bit ECC keys are supported.

This branched off implementation resides at the and follows the "ECC in OpenPGP" 
IETF draft .

Please refer to these sites for details and up-to-date status of the 
effort to bring ECC to users of OpenPGP format.

Instead of wishing for this to happen for many years, I decided that the 
time is right to actually spend a few of my weekends and contribute the 
working source code to the OpenPGP community.

The ideal destiny of the gnupg-ecc project is to be merged into mainline 
GnuPG source tree. I look forward working with GnuPG team to make this 
merge happen.

Thank you. It's been my pleasure getting more familiar with gnupg and 
libgcrypt source code and I look forward finishing this effort up.

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