Program announce: gpgkeymgr

Michael Florian Schönitzer ml at
Wed Aug 24 14:37:47 CEST 2011

[Note: this message has before accidentally been sent to Bernhard Reitner 
private and I was on vacation, so I didn't saw my mistake.]

> thanks for creating Free Software and for helping email cryptography!

> I am wondering how the name GnuPGP tools came to be, you write they are 
> GnuPG and if you wanted to use a standard OpenPGP would probably be the 
> Just wondering?

Jeah, I mixed up GnuPG and PGP, so the right name would be GnuPG-Tools.
But it's only the name of the repo – maybe I'm going to rename it, or
more likely I'm going to create a new Githup-Account "GnuPG-Tools" and
make one repo for each program – that would also making it easier to
release & package version, etc.
I'm open for ideas, including alternative names…


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