No more ChangeLogs

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Dec 1 11:21:54 CET 2011


About a year ago I migrated all GnuPG related repositories from SVN to
GIT.  Now is the time to finish this process and get rid of the
ChangeLog files.  I did this right now with GnuPG master; the other
projects will follow soon.

Here is the info from doc/HACKING:

  * No more ChangeLog files
  Do not modify any of the ChangeLog files in GnuPG.  Starting on
  December 1st, 2011 we put change information only in the GIT commit
  log, and generate a top-level ChangeLog file from logs at "make dist"
  time.  As such, there are strict requirements on the form of the
  commit log messages.  The old ChangeLog files have all be renamed to
  * Commit log requirements
  Your commit log should always start with a one-line summary, the second
  line should be blank, and the remaining lines are usually ChangeLog-style
  entries for all affected files.  However, it's fine -- even recommended --
  to write a few lines of prose describing the change, when the summary
  and ChangeLog entries don't give enough of the big picture.  Omit the
  leading TABs that you're used to seeing in a "real" ChangeLog file, but
  keep the maximum line length at 72 or smaller, so that the generated
  ChangeLog lines, each with its leading TAB, will not exceed 80 columns.

Instead of writing changelog entries along with the code I will now
write them right before committing them.  MAGIT is a great tool for
this: You review your changes and by hitting 'C' in the diff output you
will be taken to magit's log edit buffer which has been prepared similar
to Emacsens add-change-log-entry-other-window.  Another way to prepare
the commit message is by using the vc-dwim tool.

Thanks to Jim Meyering for the conversion script and his suggestions.



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