Gnuk version 0.16

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Dec 14 08:04:05 CET 2011


Gnuk version 0.16 is out.

Gnuk is software implementation of a USB token for GNU Privacy Guard.
Gnuk supports OpenPGP card protocol version 2, and it runs on
STM32F103 processor.

In this release, I add "DnDpinentry" feature, which is quite
experimental.  We can use GUI of a file manager and drag and drop
folders for pinentry.  You need pinpad support of GnuPG to use this,
though (which is currently only available in the master branch of

Highlights are (in gnuk-0.16/NEWS):

* DnD pinentry support is added and it's default to pinentry support

  DnD pinentry support doesn't require any hardware extension, but
  emulates mass storage class device of USB.  User inputs pass phrase
  by "drag and drop"-ing folders using file manager or something.

* Bug fix for VERIFY for CHV2

  With no keys, VERIFY command for CHV2 used to fail even if pass
  phrase is correct.  It was intentional, because CHV2 verification
  would be useless with no keys.  But there is a corner case for
  PRIVATE-DOs, which may requires CHV2 verification.  Even though Gnuk
  doesn't support any PRIVATE-DOs, it is good to be fixed.

* Changed bcdUSB = 1.1

  Gnuk device conforms to USB 2.0 full speed device, but when it was
  2.0, some OS informs users, "you can connect the device to 2.0
  compliant hub so that it can have better bandwidth", which is not
  the case for full speed device.

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