NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Dec 20 04:51:39 CET 2011


I created ccid_driver_improvement branch on the repository of  It's for master branch now, but I think it can
be applied to stable branches too.

I committed two changes, and tested with Gnuk.

commit fb01522af758be19a16337cd7bf86cef21b7b155
Author: NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at>
Date:   Mon Dec 5 13:57:42 2011 +0900

    Support keypad_modify method by ccid-driver.
    * apdu.c (ccid_keypad_operation): Rename from ccid_keypad_verify.
    (open_ccid_reader): Use ccid_keypad_operation for verify and modify.
    * ccid-driver.c (ccid_transceive_secure): Support

commit 37fadead90e985b544c9f817cf7c7b0ada797d3c
Author: NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at>
Date:   Mon Dec 5 12:00:14 2011 +0900

    Support extended APDU exchange level somehow.
    * ccid-driver.c (ccid_transceive_apdu_level): Permit sending packet
    where apdulen <= 289.  Support receiving packets in a chain.

Note that Gnuk uses extended APDU exchange level.  With these changes,
Gnuk will work with in-stock CCID driver of GnuPG.

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