Libgcrypt 1.5.0-beta1 released

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Feb 21 17:27:31 CET 2011


to help with testing the new ECC code in GnuPG, I just uploaded
a beta version of libgcrypt 1.5:

Changes are:

 * Support for WindowsCE.

 * Support ECDH.

 * gcry_sexp_build does now support opaque MPIs with "%m".

 * New functions gcry_pk_get_curve and gcry_pk_get_param to map ECC
   parameters to a curve name and to retrieve parameter values.

 * gcry_mpi_cmp applied to opaque values has a defined semantic now.

 * Uses the Intel AES-NI instructions if available.

 * The use of the deprecated Alternative Public Key Interface
   (gcry_ac_*) will now print compile time warnings.

 * The module register subsystem has been deprecated.  This subsystem
   is not flexible enough and would always require ABI changes to
   extend the internal interfaces.  It will eventually be removed.
   Please contact us on the gcrypt-devel mailing list to discuss
   whether you really need this feature or how it can be replaced by
   an internal plugin mechanism.

 * New variants of the TIGER algorithm.  [also in 1.4.6]

 * New cipher algorithm mode for AES-WRAP.  [also in 1.4.6]

 * Fixed minor memory leak in DSA key generation.  [also in 1.4.5]

 * No more switching to FIPS mode if /proc/version is not
   readable. [also in 1.4.5]

 * Fixed sigill during Padlock detection on old CPUs.  [also in 1.4.5]

 * Fixed a hang on some W2000 machines.  [also in 1.4.5]

 * Boosted SHA-512 performance by 30% on ia32 boxes and gcc 4.3;
   SHA-256 went up by 25%.  [also in 1.4.5]

 * Interface changes relative to the 1.4.2 release:
 GCRY_PK_ECDH               NEW.
 gcry_pk_get_curve          NEW.
 gcry_pk_get_param          NEW.
 GCRY_CIPHER_MODE_AESWRAP   NEW. [also in 1.4.6]
 GCRY_MD_TIGER1             NEW. [also in 1.4.6]
 GCRY_MD_TIGER2             NEW. [also in 1.4.6]



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