How should I detect if I've got a reader/smartcard combo?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Jan 19 01:02:26 CET 2011


2011-01-18 14:29, Grant Olson wrote:
> I've got a working patch on my machine that lets me unplug my
> reader/smartcard combo at will.  But it still needs some cleanup on a
> few things before I can send it to the list.  There's one thing in
> particular I'd appreciate some advice on.

I think that I have something similar problem.  I am using a USB Token
which I develop for myself.

My current solution was posted here:

This is a patch to keep scdaemon running well.

These days, I rather think another approach would be better.

   * scdaemon is going to exit when it detects reader unplugged

   * gpg-agent handles terminate of scdaemon

   * gpg-agent once again does "learn" when user accesses the card

In fact, I do like the following in my experiments manually:

  (1) identify scdaemon and kill it

  (2) let gpg-agent to "learn" again to invoke scdaemon again

      $ gpg-connect-agent learn /bye

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