scute in Debian?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Thu Jan 27 02:43:43 CET 2011


I am currently trying to use Gnuk Token for client authentication with
SSL in Mozilla.

Now, I am trying scute.  I found that it is not in Debian yet, and I
couldn't find WNPP or something.  If there is no problem to package it
for Debian, I am willing to do so.  Any opinions?

			*  *  *

This week, I tried OpenSC, and found that parts of OpenSC works fine
with some modifications.  But, it seems for me that OpenSC is not good
for OpenPGP card, which main purpose is GnuPG.

Setting up OpenSC for Mozilla, I encounter this issue of scdaemon:

   2011-01-27 10:17:15 scdaemon[12659] PC/SC OPEN failed: sharing violation

That is, scdaemon couldn't connect the token because Mozilla is
connecting.  Exiting Mozilla, scdaemon works again.  If a person only
used Mozilla, OpenSC would be OK for OpenPGP card...

If I understand correctly, scute use gpg-agant+scdaemon, thus, we don't
have this issue.

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