PKCS#11 in GnuPG (yes, again!)

Stefan Xenon stefanxe at
Sun Jul 17 06:23:59 CEST 2011

Am 16.07.2011 05:15, schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
>> As many of you are well-aware, PKCS#11 is the de-facto standard for
> working
>> with cryptographic keys.
> Having worked with PKCS11 a fair bit in a past life and a prior employer,
> I would say it is one standard of many.  PC/SC is also in a good bit of

I don't know PKCS#11 in detail but an interesting project in respect to
this discussion is P11 Glue. "This is an effort to use and promote
PKCS#11 as glue between crypto libraries and security applications on
the open source desktop." Not sure how
GnuPG fits into this picture...

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