Fwd: Do OpenPGP cards support T=0?

Grant Olson kgo at grant-olson.net
Sun Mar 6 19:48:38 CET 2011

On 03/06/2011 08:13 AM, Achim Pietig wrote:
> Hi,
> the OpenPGP smart card application is designed to run under T=0 or T=1, so it is possible to add the application for e.g. on a GSM card.
> The Zeitcontrol implementation supports T=1 only, because T=0 does not support Extended Length and it makes the development much more complex.
> An ISO compliant smart card shows all supported protocols in the ATR, the ZC card shows T=1 only. A reader should detect this automatically.
> It is normally not possible to run a not announced protocol.

Thanks for all the info.  I suspected the ATR had the info, but the only
public doc I could find explaining the ATR format was really difficult
to understand.

If anyone has a link to a decent doc, it would be greatly appreciated.


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