GPG v1.2.3 decryption of large files

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Actually my client (a bank in this case) is using GPG 1.2.3 and does not want to upgrade right away. Is there a patch available for GPG 1.2.3 which can fix this issue ? Appreciate any help. 

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Anjul Narain Varma wrote:
> Does anyone know of issues with GPG v 1.2.3 and decryption of large
> files?? The file decrypts fine but it contains gargbage characters at
> the end of the file.  Is it a bug?

It's possible. 1.2.3 is also QUITE old.
> I am using Bouncy Castle to PGP encrypt my file. My client is using GPG
> v1.2.3 to decrypt it. If the file size is greater than 1 MB or so, the
> decryption is successful however there are garbage characters at the end
> of the file.
> There are no such issues with GPG v1.4.9.

There you have it. The most direct solution would appear to be for the client to
upgrade to a more current release of GnuPG. (>= 1.4.9)

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