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Am Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011, 01:57:34 schrieb Marcus Brinkmann:

> The problem is that you can not declare it not to be a security feature by
> fiat. Users will perceive it as a security feature or not depending on the
> whole context and their expectations. If they do rely on a bit, we are in a
> bit of a mess here, quite frankly.

A good solution might be not to make this the default behaviour but to add an 
option: --pinentry-show-proc

The pinentry message could be extended by a hint like "(see --pinentry-show-
proc for the demanding process)" if this option is not given.

"--pinentry-show-proc yes" adds the info to the pinentry message, "--pinentry-
show-proc no" suppresses the hint. The documentation states clearly the 
problem you described and also says that making "--pinentry-show-proc yes" the 
default configuration would be regarded as a security risk. That should 
prevent the distros from doing that.

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