needs in OpenPGP to use it for a bitcoin replacement.

Jean-Jacques Brucker jeanjacquesbrucker at
Wed May 25 19:21:03 CEST 2011

 Hi, i am working on a replacement for bitcoin using OpenPGP.

But to do so properly I would like to add some things in the RFC 4880.

The minimum needed is to add a flag in the section :

>  Signature Subpacket Specification
> (...)
>   The value of the subpacket type octet may be:
> (...)
>		33 = Recipient

And so :

>  Recipient
>   (8-octet Key ID)
>   The OpenPGP Key ID of the recipient of the signature.
>   This subpacket may be used for signing chain, and so in the hashed
>   subpacket data set. This subpacket may be used many times if there
>   are different recipients.

I have compiled the git master branch of GnuPG and began studying the source.  But I sorely lacking time to produce a patch for making a version (a git branch ?) of gpg with this feature.

So if I want somebody else to do it, I should explain what is the project, its aim and its principles.

Its aim is to do better than bitcoin.

How to ?
On a moral plan by applying a social credit ( instead of a system were "the first are the best served"
Rules of money creation are not so complicated but implies some economical reflexions which does need not our computing skills.

On a technical plan (that is the point were I require you attention, and I'd like some guru to get involved), the principles are :
 - Each human is certified by the OpenPGP web of trust of the previous humans (on the OpenPGP uid with the udid1 field, unique and minimum required to make the link with a Civil Status).
 - A transaction is to sign the signature chain associated to units of currency (udc-bills).
 - All currency units are stored on the network.

The principles are simple but imply some questions/problem wich i like to discuss (And it's hard to find skilled fellow for that).

Our website is a wiki :
Our mailing list : open-udc at
(our git is almost empty).

Jean-Jacques B.

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