needs in OpenPGP to use it for a bitcoin replacement.

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Wed May 25 20:52:53 CEST 2011

Le mercredi 25 mai 2011 19:30:15, Jerome Baum a écrit :
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> >  Hi, i am working on a replacement for bitcoin using OpenPGP.
> Why?

Even if bitcoin is an improvement comparing to the previous monetary systems, 
it still has, economically and socially speaking, many defects.

There are enough rooms to speak about them in an other place (forums, blogs ...).

But bitcoin has also technicals defects, the two most important are :

 - a amount of bitcoin is only stored by only one peer at a time t, which mean that bitcoins  may easily disapper and that is what already occurs (I 
did personally lost a few amount of btc, and i had see in the forum that I am not alone).

 - Transaction are very very slow (I don't have try to pay taxes to the people "with the biggest" CPU power), and this is not a surprise why so : first 
the proof of work, second  there is in fact a third-party  for bitcoins : it is the entire network.
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