needs in OpenPGP to use it for a bitcoin replacement.

Jean-Jacques Brucker jeanjacquesbrucker at
Tue May 31 12:44:38 CEST 2011

> So what happens if I don't have an established WoT? Does this currency
> just not work for me? If you want to promote OpenPGP, then it's
> probably best to promote it to people who aren't using it yet -- as
> opposed to people who are already using it and have an established
> WoT.

As it is WoT-based, a given currency can only be exchanged in only one WoT.

Building a WoT is so the mandatory first step.

The aim of the project is to define a standard, then you can build your own
currency in your own WoT. Finally i would prefer to be in the same WoT as you
to use also the same currency.

About WoT, I will know make key-signing parties to EnlArge my WoT.
(There will be one in Strasbourg at the beginning of July :

But actually OpenPGP WoT doesn't grant individual uniqueness, and that is something
mandatory to apply a fairest monetary dividend. That is why I think everybody which
want to use such WoT-based currency, should rebuild a WoT in accordance to this requirement.

> >  2- Every body (you and I) is also in all parents networks (A) and make transaction in their common parent network. As every body watch what happen in
> > their parents networks (until the root), they know that some bills have go out, or go in, their smaller networks. (easiest  to implement).
> Then why have segments in the first place?

For the performances : to not overload the first place with local trades.
> I have no interests, economically speaking, of writing this email.
> It's not like I'm going to make money from this, not even indirectly.
> People have other interests than economic ones -- say you want to
> promote digital currencies, or you are genuinely interested in the
> challenge.

Both of them.

If u want a short retrospection about my motivation : when i was young and discovered GNU/Linux
I wanted to live from free software activities in a nice place not too crowded. At that time, 
some people around the free software movement (a bit sociologists or anthropologists), watching
us "working" and building amazing things without expecting directly money, did ask the question
"how to make the baker get in ?" (In France bakers are very important).

Since I left the nice place for a big city, and began working for big companies which prefers to
retain "property" of their work. But this question and the will to go back living in a place
where there are mainly farmers and bakers still haunted me.

"Today, with all the technical progress made, why don't we still live in an age of plenty ?"
("why do I work for things that I dislike, and lack of time for things I like and that may
be, I think, much more useful for the society ?")

Then I studied the creation of money, the universal dividend, and the money-as-a-debt... and
"I saw a light" ;-) 

I want to promote a universal monetary dividend currency ; and digital for best efficiency.
There is then a genuine challenge to resolve.

> > § 5 an entity is an human or a group of defined humans (no legal entity).
> Why?

To keep things simple.

> > But the skills needed to write this rules are less rare than our technical skills. :-)
> Not too sure about this one. Yes, anyone can come up with some
> "rules", but good ground rules are a different thing entirely. Every
> rule will have an impact on the success of the currency -- such as
> your § 6 above. (sorry for the rename)
> I've also taken a look at and
> frankly it feels like I was hit by a bus: "A new Open-UDC member must
> be approuved by 2/3 or more of all members" is quite a condition. Does
> this mean I cannot trade the currency if I don't have prior approval
> of a 2/3 majority of the existing traders? Two options:
> 1. Yes it does. Thank you, but I'm looking elsewhere.
> 2. No it doesn't. Then your rules aren't easy enough to understand.
> I'm looking elsewhere.
I am not agree with that rule too, but you can discuss it with the one who
wrote it (and I will be glad if you convince him to erase it).

By the way, such kind of rules is not in the technical heart of a WoT-based
solution which I try to define (and need help for that).

Jean-Jacques B.
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