cert-related "make check" failures

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Nov 28 10:25:28 CET 2011

On Sun, 27 Nov 2011 21:52, jim at meyering.net said:

> [minor aside, I would have used a loop, but there is an inconsistency.
>  Would you accept a patch to correct that?
>  It would simply allow libgpg-error's configure script to accept
>  a matching     --with-libgpg-error-prefix option in addition to
>  its current    --with-gpg-error-prefix. ]


> As for results of the gnupg "make check" run, first, this one failed:
>     FAIL: import-all-certs

You are not doing a VPATH build on your checkout.  This means that this
code in tests.pkits/common.sh:

  if [ -f PKITS_data.tar.bz2 ]; then
      if [ "$pgmname" = "import-all-certs" ]; then
          if [ "$silent" = "yes" ]; then tmp1="Note: "; tmp2='      '
          else tmp1="- ____ "; tmp2="$tmp1"
          echo "${tmp1}PKITS_data.tar.bz2 is not installed"
          echo "${tmp2}All tests will be skipped (this is not an error)"
      # Exit code 77 is used by the Makefile for skipping a tests.
      exit 77
detects the presence of PKITS_data.tar.bz in the current directory and
thus does not skip the tests.  That file is not distributed but only
kept in the repo.  Those PKITS tests are quite fragile and I have not
run them for years.  IIRC, we once had an option to explictly enable the
tests but I later changed it to use the presence of the test sdata as a

The test are anyway outdated and not fully implemented.



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