Gnuk version 0.14

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Oct 14 04:26:12 CEST 2011


Gnuk version 0.14 is out.

Gnuk is software implementation of a USB token for GNU Privacy Guard.
Gnuk supports OpenPGP card protocol version 2, and it runs on STM32

Highlight is (in gnuk-0.14/NEWS):

* Random number generator change

  NeuG, Gniibe's True RNG implementation for STM32F103, has been
  integrated to Gnuk.  It is not needed to put random number bytes
  (generated by host) to Token any more.

			*	*	*

I think that Gnuk is stable enough now.

Thus, I created a new branch for ECC support.;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ecc_p256

Currently, only ECC functions of NIST Curve P256 are there, not yet
integrated to Gnuk.

Computation of multiplication of EC point over GF(P256) (which is used
for ECDH) takes 0.24 second, which is fast enough, I think.  ECDSA is
three times faster (0.08 sec) as we can take advantage of fix point
(base point).  This numbers are taken on STM32F103 at 72MHz with my
current code (no processor specific tuning, just in plain C code).

Besides, I am developing my own board for Gnuk / NeuG (I learn KiCAD
in this summer).  It's name is FST-01 (Flying Stone Tiny 01).  If you
like it, please vote for my project at:

Thanks in advance.

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