STEED - Usable end-to-end encryption

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Mon Oct 31 09:36:13 CET 2011

Hi Micah,

Am Friday, 28. October 2011 22:01:22 schrieb Micah Anderson:
> However, if we weren't completely throwing out the decentralized,
> strong cryptographic models that OpenPGP's PKI has (which guards us
> against centralized failure modes) to adopt a completely centralized
> model that DNSSEC brings us, then we could consider a hybrid model of
> trust where individual users have control over who to trust to verify
> authenticity, but also have the flexibility to delegate trust where they
> desire.

STEED is introducing an additional method how certificates reach users
and how to gain some trust. Any user or organisation can opt to use other 
methods like a web-of-trust or centralised X509 PKI structures and everything
in between. The progress STEED promisses is that in the easy setting, there is 
no user interaction, but still the security of the email messages is 
significantly higher. If the other communication partner choses to use 
stricter settings, it can do so deliberately. The good part is: There are 
more communication partners.


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