GnuPG 1.4.11 v. VMS batch mode

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 12 15:15:00 CEST 2011

On Thu,  8 Sep 2011 06:33, sms at said:

> -	log_error("cannot open `%s': %s\n",
> +	initialized = 1;        /* Don't come back again, ever. */
> +	log_error("cannot open tty, `%s': %s\n",
>                    tty_get_ttyname (), strerror(errno) );
>  	exit(2);

I added
      ttyfp = stderr 
so that it has a defined value.

>    On VMS, it should be relatively easy to check the process mode during
> initialization, and set the "--batch" flag ("batchmode"?) automatically
> for a batch job.  I haven't yet thought of a good reason not to do this,

I'll also apply your other patch.



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