Sponsor Werner's work! (Re: ECDSA support for GnuPG's ssh-agent.)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Dec 13 16:09:19 CET 2012

Am Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012 19:10:51 schrieb Jim Meyering:
> Werner Koch wrote:
> > master has now support for ECDSA keys for the ssh-agent protocol.
> Wow.  That was quick.  Ask and ye shall receive :-)
> Thanks for the awesome support!

If you like Werner's work for Free Software, spread the word about
his company www.g10code.com:

"g10code is the driving force behind the development of the GNU Privacy Guard 
(GnuPG) and related software.
If you are using GnuPG to secure your data - either on server based systems or 
for example by email applications on the desktop - it is in your own interest 
to keep this software alive and well maintained. You can help GnuPG and thus 
yourself by: 
Sponsoring the development [1]
Purchasing a support contract 
Engaging us for custom enhancements

[1] http://g10code.com/gnupg-donation.html
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