Parallel Encryption Revisited

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> Hi Experts,
> 5 years ago there was a post asking about parallel encrypting and got
> blasted with a series of concerns:
> Now, for both data exchange and backup purposes, many people are trying to
> encrypt Terabytes of data (1 big file), on a parallel file system. Clearly
> the 1 thread/process sequential encryption is not optimal, and paralleling
> can save a lot of time!
> I have very limited knowledge of Cryptography, my question is: from what I
> observe, "gpg -e" reads in a file, massages it a bit with the public key,
> and output another file. What is the reason why it can't split the input
> file to 5 pieces, let 5 processes massage each piece with the same pub key,
> and then concatenate the outputs to one big output?
> (I guess the question is whether gpg is doing an "all to all" correlation
> on the input file?).
> If above can't be done, maybe people can split the file 1st then encrypt.
Just to add that in this case it's very hard to use because I'll need to
reconstruct the file 1st before I can look into file. E.g. when I have a
tar file that's encrypted, I can simply do " pgp -d myfile.tar.pgp | tar
tzvf"; If I split it first then do gpg, I'll need to re create the whole
tar file on disk, then do tar tzvf. Which needs time and space.

> Thanks
> -Yushu
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