Inocrrect(?) verification exit code for revoked certificates

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Feb 25 13:04:53 CET 2012

On Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:27, joanna at said:

> Wile it seems to me that an error exit code should returned in this
> case. After all a "good" signature made with a compromised key, should
> not be considered as "good"...

That is a FAQ and the short answer is that you can't convey enough
information in an exit code.  Thus GnuPG uses status messages
(--status-fd N) to tell you what is going on.  A simple AWK script can
be used to parse them - or you use gpgme which does everything for you
and returns a set of flags describing the result (one of theses flags is
a convenient red/green value).

I your case, you should not use gpg but gpgv.  GPGV has been designed
for the purpose of automated signature verification and is what all
Linux distros use.



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