GNUPG Vs MacAfee 7.1 E business server : Bad signature, doesn't match file contents!

siva reddy siva.ityouth at
Thu Jan 5 16:34:20 CET 2012

Hi Team,


I imported both encryption key and signing key from MacFee 7.1
e-business server into GNUPG 1.4.
I encryt and signing with the new key which I imported.
The problem Is:

When decrypt  message in MacAFee 7.1 it showing warning message as Bad
Signature does not match file contents.

Please see the output when I decrypt in Macfee 7.1

McAfee E-Business Server v7.1.1 - Full License
(c) 1991-2002 Network Associates, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Warning: Using insecure memory!

Opening keyring files:

Decoding data....

event 1: initial
event 13: BeginLex
event 8: Analyze
File is encrypted.  event 9: Recipients
Secret key is required to read it.
Key for user ID "Entsys <entsys at>"
event 6: Passphrase
event 23: Decryption

symmetric cipher used: CAST5
event 11: Output options
typecode: 0062
suggested name: test.dat
tempfile: created 'pgptemp.$0000'
event 12: Signature
WARNING: Bad signature, doesn't match file contents!

Bad signature from user "Entsys <entsys at>".
event 14: EndLex
event 2: final

Output file 'test' already exists.  Overwrite (y/N)? y

savetemp: renaming 'pgptemp.$0000' to 'test'

exitcode = 0

Could you please help me why it is giving bad signature message?

Any Help Greatly appreciated!!!!

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