[gnupg-devel] gnupg-1.4.12 build issue

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Tue Jan 31 20:00:09 CET 2012

I now have gnupg-1.4.12 successfully built, validated, and installed
on all of our more than 20 flavors of Unix in our test lab, EXCEPT for
one: GNU/Linux Gentoo 2.0.3 on 32-bit SPARC.

Before an upgrade from an earlier Gentoo release, gnupg-1.4.10 had
been successfully installed, but as too often happens with Linux
releases, dropped shared libraries result in installed executables no
longer running.

After several attempts today, I tracked down the problem:

    more undefined references to `__udiv_qrnnd' follow

I have saved output of nm for /usr/lib/libc.a from an earlier Gentoo
release, and -lc then had a definition of that symbol.

On the current Gentoo release, that symbol has disappeared:

    % nm  /usr/lib/libc.a | grep -A10 udiv_qrnnd
    nm: udiv_qrnnd.o: no symbols

Gentoo supplies /usr/bin/gpg built from gnupg-2.0.17, so I do have a

However, it appears that the mpi tree is incorrectly making an
assumption that udiv_qrnnd is universally available.

Curiously, the udiv_qrnnd symbol IS present in -lc on Gentoo 2.0.3 for
Alpha.  It is missing in Gentoo 2.0.3 for PowerPC-32 and PowerPC-64.
The build of gnupg-1.4.12 nevertheless succeeds on those three

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