gpg-agent seems to be talking to itself a lot

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Mar 3 11:15:08 CET 2012

On Thu,  1 Mar 2012 23:42, hans at said:
> I'm in the process of trying to get the whole gnupg 2.1 suite working on
> Android now I have everything built and deployed.  I can do quite a few
> actions, but not all.  I can go "gpg2 --import", "gpg2 --list-keys",
> "gpg2 --fingerprint", and things like that.


> In the process of debugging the whole setup, I noticed that gpg-agent
> seems to be spending a fair amount of time talking to itself.  Here's a

Not really, it is only once a minute:

  /* The timer tick used for housekeeping stuff.  For Windows we use a
     longer period as the SetWaitableTimer seems to signal earlier than
     the 2 seconds.  CHECK_OWN_SOCKET_INTERVAL defines how often we
     check our own socket in standard socket mode.  If that value is 0
     we don't check at all.   All values are in seconds. */
  #if defined(HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM)
  # define TIMERTICK_INTERVAL         (60)
  # define CHECK_OWN_SOCKET_INTERVAL   (0)  /* Never */
  #elif defined(HAVE_W32_SYSTEM)
  # define TIMERTICK_INTERVAL          (4)
  # define TIMERTICK_INTERVAL          (2)

For CE we disabled it completey because we are sure that we won´t suffer
from race conditions.  Those may lead on desktop to two agents
processes.  Two processes don´t harm but it is better to kill the unused



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