[PATCH 1/5] Only call dlerror() when dlsym() fails.

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Nov 7 15:55:30 CET 2012

On Wed,  7 Nov 2012 13:34, tk at giga.or.at said:

> a few times, and I don't see it defining what dlerror() returns if it
> was never called before and no error by dynamic linking occurred yet.

Right, the proper way to use it would be call dlerror() before calling
dlsym.  This makes sure that we see the right error.  However, this
won't help with NetBSD's wrong implementation.

> So since POSIX doesn't specify that dlerror() on NetBSD is behaving
> incorrectly and the patch is trivial, I ask you to use the patch

Recall that we also use dlopen et al. as interface to the respective
Windows functions.  Thus this change is not trivial.

> instead of adding quite a bit of overhead in configury.


However, a better way to fix this is to get rid of dlopen.  There is no
more need for idea-stub.c and we may add include IDEA support directly.
(That algorithm will probably never die - like Arcfour)



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