gpgme-tool socket interface

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Oct 11 17:18:30 CEST 2012

On Mon,  8 Oct 2012 01:41, wking at said:

> for additional socket-server utility code in libassuan, and that
> didn't seem to be going over very well.  I still think that's the best

Right, it is too hard to get this into Libassuan in a flexible way.  You
would end up with something as complicated as the gpgme event code.

> a) libassuan: Some variation on my original suggestion: a helper
>    function to spawn an Assuan server (either pipe or socket) which
>    handles all the usual setup/teardown internally.  Both gpg-agent

If it ever turns out that this is required by a lot of other code, we
can revisit this then.

> b) gpgme: copy gpg-agent's socket handling code into gpgme-tool (with
>    copy-paste commits for proper attribution, followed by integration

Fine.  However, gpg-agent heavily relies on nPth semantics.  This is
probably not what you want.

> c) same as (b), but I'll write up the socket handling from scratch
>    (man pages, etc.) to keep the code-base distinct from GnuPG.  Since
>    I can't look at gpg-agent's code, I'll probably someone else to
>    handle the MS Windows side, if people want that to be supported.

Actually we have a platform independent socket abstraction in libassuan
for that purpose.  Check out how it is done in dirmngr or gpg-agent.

>    Since we're just adding functionality, I see no reason why Windows
>    *must* be supported.

We can talk about neglecting WindowsCE, but Windows is a/the mainstream
platform and thus we should support it.



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