gpgme_op_keylist_start: error: Invalid crypto engine <GPGME>

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 17 18:59:03 CEST 2012

On Wed, 17 Oct 2012 00:54, hans at said:

> So the gpgme logging did give me some insight into what gpgme is doing,
> from that I added 'g13' to the build, so now that's included.  But

I doubt that you need it; it currently works only with encfs and has not
been tested for a long time.  However, that is not your problem.

> unfortunately the log doesn't give any more detail about the "Invalid
> crypto engine" error that is the show stopper.

Argh, that damned catch-all error code.

> GPGME 2012-09-14 23:08:11 <0x0d6e>  gpgme_op_keylist_start: error:
> Invalid crypto engine <GPGME>

I guess this comes directly from engine-gpg.c.  What I would do is to
replace gpg2 by a wrapper script to log the environment and args.

Something like this:

echo ============ >>/tmp/gpg2.log
echo === BEGIN == >>/tmp/gpg2.log
echo ============ >>/tmp/gpg2.log
printenv >>/tmp/gpg2.log
echo "$@" >>/tmp/gpg2.log
exec /foo/bar/gpg2-real "$@"



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