start gpg-agent with systemd

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at
Thu Oct 18 17:52:00 CEST 2012


I work on systemd integration both as a replacement for init as well as
user session manager. I've tried to start gpg-agent as a part of user
serssion and found it does not fit well there. Agent's default behavior
(socket in a randomly named directory) and the information printed on
stdout or saved in a file is hard to handle.

I'd like create a patch for the agent to make it work well with systemd,
preferably with its socket activation feature. I'd like/need to know:

1. Do you, Gnupg developers, want such a feature and will you accept
such a patch (of course only if it meets your quality standards).

2. Other systemd syservices use $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR[fn:1] to put their
runtime stuff (sockets, flags). I'd like gpg-agent to use it too.

3. GPG_AGENT_INFO variable holds agent's PID. It is passed to assuan
library function that connects to a socket but isn't used there. Is it
going to be required in the future? Passing this information during
parlell startup "sequence" without locking and waiting for the agent to
start is impossible as well as during socket-activated start.

Please, give me your comments. The most important for me at the moment
is the 1st question ;)


Łukasz Stelmach
Software wizzard
Samsung Poland R&D Center

Al. Armii Ludowej 26, 00-609 Warszawa

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