[PATCH] Add pinpad support for REINER SCT cyberJack go

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Tue Apr 23 04:56:44 CEST 2013


This patch is for STABLE-BRANCH-2-0.  I think that it should be
included to forthcoming 2.0.20.  I'd like to apply this if there's no
problem.  It builds successfully.

This is based on Alina Friedrichsen's work of March 11 2013.  After
that, I modify the ccid-driver a bit, thus, I revise it so that it
could be included to forthcoming 2.0.20.  I don't know if Alina will
submit a patch for master, but I expect so.

It adds vendor ID and product ID for Reiner cyberJack go, and modify
ccid_transceive_secure to handle the case of VENDOR_REINER.

In the patch enumeration constants for vendor ID are sorted by their
values.  In ccid_transceive_secure, I don't put checking for product
ID, like the case of Vasco, expecting newer products from those
vendors will also support the feature.

* scd/ccid-driver.c (VENDOR_REINER, CYBERJACK_GO): New
(ccid_transceive_secure): Handle the case for VENDOR_REINER.
Original work by Alina Friedrichsen.

diff --git a/scd/ccid-driver.c b/scd/ccid-driver.c
index c3a66fa..42a219f 100644
--- a/scd/ccid-driver.c
+++ b/scd/ccid-driver.c
@@ -212,9 +212,10 @@ enum {
   VENDOR_OMNIKEY= 0x076b,
   VENDOR_GEMPC  = 0x08e6,
   VENDOR_VEGA   = 0x0982,
+  VENDOR_REINER = 0x0c4b,
   VENDOR_KAAN   = 0x0d46,
+  VENDOR_VASCO  = 0x1a44,
   VENDOR_FSIJ   = 0x234b,
-  VENDOR_VASCO  = 0x1a44
 /* Some product ids.  */
@@ -227,6 +228,7 @@ enum {
 #define VASCO_920       0x0920
 #define GEMPC_PINPAD    0x3478
 #define VEGA_ALPHA      0x0008
+#define CYBERJACK_GO    0x0504
 /* A list and a table with special transport descriptions. */
 enum {
@@ -3376,6 +3378,7 @@ ccid_transceive_secure (ccid_driver_t handle,
       pininfo->maxlen = 25;
       enable_varlen = 1;
+    case VENDOR_REINER: /* Tested with cyberJack go */
     case VENDOR_VASCO: /* Tested with DIGIPASS 920 */
       enable_varlen = 1;

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