Crypto Stick accepted for Google Summer of Code

Crypto Stick cryptostick at
Mon Apr 29 14:12:05 CEST 2013

Crypto Stick (you may know that it contains an OpenPGP Card) has been
accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2013.
If you are a student interested in working
on cool crypto stuff related to OpenPGP and smart cards - this is for
you. You can apply for
a project with us and if accepted our mentors will work with you over
the summer and Google will sponsor you USD 5000 during that time.
Please check out our ideas page at or suggest your
own idea. And, join our mailinglist to discuss it:
Your applications should be submitted through Google Melange
( until 3rd May!

You can continue to submit additional information and comments into
the system after your initial application submission.

In order to participate in the program, you must be a student in an
accredited institution or university.

* Crypto Stick project:
* Ideas Page:
* GSOC Progam F&Q:
* Crypto Stick Mailing List:


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