Fix for bug #1547 from the tracker

Charles Diza chdiza at
Sat Dec 21 08:19:25 CET 2013

I believe I've solved bug #1547 from the tracker, which means the
workaround in #1541 is obsolete, and finally gnupg2 will build on recent
versions of MacOSX again.

Like the OP for that bug, I observed that gnupg2.0.22 will build fine on
OSX, with XCode5, using the package manager Homebrew.  I discovered the
reason for this.  It's because on XCode5 (which requires OSX 10.8 or
greater), the variable $gl_cv_absolute_stdint_h is set by gnupg2's
configure script to


But that copy of stdint.h is buggy (don't ask me why).  Homebrew knew
about this a long time ago, and they manually set that variable to just
be: /usr/include/stdint.h, which is a non-buggy copy.

So I built gnupg 2.0.22 straight up (not in Homebrew) after doing:

export gl_cv_absolute_stdint_h=/usr/include/stdint.h

before doing ./configure.  Then everything built as it normally did
before XCode5 came out.  Hooray!

Also, I tested this method on older versions of OSX: 10.7, 10.5, 10.4,
and it builds fine over there.  So the fix for XCode5 doesn't break Mac
builds that aren't on XCode5.

So I think the configure script should be modified so that on the Mac it
sets that variable to just be /usr/include/stdint.h.  At least on 10.9 and

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