1.4.12 beta installer for Windows

John Clizbe John at enigmail.net
Fri Feb 1 14:32:44 CET 2013

Veet Vivarto wrote:
> Hello Werner,
> My friend and I, are working on a easy to use front-end for GPG for Windows
> and Mac. 
> On Windows we are using the 1.4.11 because it only requires two files (.exe, .dll)

Just curious, which DLL? I just did a test with the 1.4.13 installer and
didn't see any DLLs installed.

> I have not been able to find a small Mac command line program  that would
> correspond to GnuPG 1.4.
> I only found the huge package called GPGTools.
> Thank you in advance for your help.1111

Looking in the usual places for ports to Mac OS X...

Macports [https://www.macports.org/ ]:

basket:~ jpclizbe$ port info gnupg
gnupg @1.4.13 (mail, security)
Variants:             universal

Description:          GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. Because
                      it does not use the patented IDEA algorithm, it can be
                      used without any restrictions. GnuPG is a RFC2440
                      (OpenPGP) compliant application.
Homepage:             http://www.gnupg.org

Library Dependencies: libiconv, gettext, readline, zlib, bzip2, libusb-compat,
Platforms:            darwin, freebsd, sunos
License:              GPL-3+
Maintainers:          nomaintainer at macports.org

Fink [http://www.finkproject.org/ ]:
basket:~ jpclizbe$ fink info gnupg
Information about 11677 packages read in 5 seconds.

gnupg-1.4.13-1: Gnu privacy guard - A Free PGP replacement
 GnuPG is GNU's tool for secure communication and data
 storage. It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital
 signatures. It includes an advanced key management facility and is
 compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet standard as described in
 GnuPG does not use use any patented algorithms so it cannot be
 compatible with PGP2 because it uses IDEA (which is patented
 worldwide) and RSA. RSA's patent expired on the 20th September 2000,
 and it is now included in GnuPG.
 For IDEA support, see the "gnupg-idea" package.
 Usage Notes:
 To create an initial key pair run 'gpg --gen-key'
 Consult the manual for a good intro:
 Web site: http://www.gnupg.org
 Maintainer: Benjamin Reed <gnupg at fink.raccoonfink.com>

basket:~ jpclizbe$

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